Seasonal Ideas


Save your company money with durable,
re-useable tarpaulins

and covers.




All work is carried out at our factory in Chessington and, where necessary, on site work is possible.  We can replace straps, windows, zips, buckles, eyelets, fasteners and stitchings. Repairs are undertaken on most Canvas and PVC Products such as:-

  • Scout Tents and Marquees
  • Boat Covers
  • Pool Covers
  • Gymnasiums
  • Crash Mats
  • Commercial Covers
  • Lorry Tarpaulins
  • and much more ...........


Alterations on existing items can be offered depending on the grade of material. This service is not practical on cheap materials such as polyethylene are best done when the material is new.

The photo shows a sports club curtain which was getting wet along the bottom edge where the cleaners had been a little too enthusastic! We rectified the problem by adding a waterproof strip along the bottom edge which could then be wiped clean. This kept the curtains looking good and gave a longer life.


We manufacture copies of existing items such as:-

  • Pub Umberellas
  • Machine Covers
  • Boat Dodgers
  • Windows & Zips in Boat Hood

This service does not include trimming items such as boat hoods, as these covers need to be made on site.