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Economy Polyethylene Tarpaulins - 80gsm

Economy Tarpaulins - The Protective Textile Co Ltd

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Light weight, woven and laminated economy tarpaulins with eyelets at approx 1m intervals set into a cord re-inforced hem. Our economy tarps are suitable for garden covers, groundsheets, boat covers and many other useful applications.

  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% Rotproof
  • UV Protected
  • Eyelets set into cord re-inforced hems every meter

Colour - Reversible Blue/Green

Nominal Size. Measurements given are the size of the tarpaulin before subtracting for any seams or hems.


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Size:- 18' x 15' (5.4m x 4.57m)
Size:- 30' x 18' (9m x 5.4m)



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