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We are Manufactures & Importers of waterproof tarpaulins & covers



Tarpaulin and Sheets

  Name Price
  Name Price
Cricket Pitch Cover Cricket Pitch Cover - Translucent


Economy Tarpaulins - The Protective Textile Co Ltd Economy Polyethylene Tarpaulins - 80gsm


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HDL Tarpaulins - The Protective Textile Co Ltd Medium Duty Tarpaulins - 180gsm


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White Polyethylene Tarpaulins - 180gsm


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Market Stall - Striped Tarpaulins - 180gsm


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Waterproof PVC Polyester Tarpaulins - 560/580gsm


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Traditional Canvas Tarpaulin Traditional Canvas Tarpaulins - 560gsm


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Rot & Water Resistant Flax Canvas Flax Canvas - 560 gsm


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